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Why Popular Apps Focus on iMessage App Development and Integration.

Parse is the cloud app platform (backend) to build apps for iOS, Android, JavaScript, and OS X. With Parse, one can add a scalable and powerful backend in minutes and launch a full-featured mobile or web app in record time without ever worrying about server management. Parse offers push notifications, social integration, data storage, and the ability to add rich custom logic to your app’s backend with cloud code. API (which was recently acquired by Facebook) is easy to use, and makes threading a simple process that eliminates overheads of development of backend and marinating the servers.

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Readers of this web page might also want to know, what are the other solutions out there in comparison to Parse are? Let's look at some of them

At Kresecent, we never used for any applications that are currently live but we know it automatically generates an admin panel from the data model that can be easily used by the admin client to input or access the application data. I was reading their review and it says it's pretty stable and easy to use. The good thing I had noted in some of the reviews is that StorageRoom seems to be using a relational database while Parse uses a NoSQL.