Social Network or Third Party APIS

Adding Social Network or Third Party APIs into Mobile Apps

Krescent is known for its expertise in adding Social Networking elements to an app and increasing the app’s engagement and its customer retention. Over the last few years we have helped our clients add this element to literally hundreds of apps and we’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

We all know that social platform creates a community around your app, not only increasing the sales or downloads, but also leveraging the most powerful networking features through a single interface. While this is the most obvious benefit of integrating social media to your app, there are other advantages you need to be made aware of as well.

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A few advantages of Social Network Integration include the following:

Distribution: Anything shared about the app or its features on social networks, receives attention from friends and family members. In turn, you get more app installs with even more engaged users..

Loyalty to your app: As Social APIs are integrated inside the app, the user can easily share the app’s name and its features on his social network. In doing so, the user will keep coming back to the app.

Improved user experience: An app with social media sharing features allows the user to socialize with others; something that has proven to be viewed as a positive and plus in user experience.

Customer/client interaction and reward system: Social Network APIs can be used to allocate badges or points to users based on their loyalty, referrals,‘shares’, etc.

It is also worth noting that the SDK provided by most of the Social Networks are easy to plug in and play; resulting in little or no need for additional back-end infrastructure.