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Mundo Chat is the world’s first truly global messaging app with integrated translations. Pick one of 50+ different languages and instantly be able to chat with anyone else in the world. The app automatically translates your messages into the other person's language and translates their messages into your chosen language. If translation does not make sense, just tap on the message and see it back-translated to resolve any issues. Download today and experience a world beyond language barriers.

As the world becomes more intermingled, we are exposed to new cultures, people and perspectives that enrich our lives. Mundo Chat launches with the aspiration to break down the biggest obstacle in forging these connections; the language barrier. Nurture deeper, long-lasting relationships with family and relatives, friends and acquaintances, global business partners and other intriguing minds spread across the world.

Who Should Use Mundo Chat? Everyone! Whether you’re someone who wants to stay in touch with extended family abroad, or an exchange student with numerous friends spread across the world, or a business associate working with partners half way around the globe, or someone who has an inquisitive mind and wants to connect with new people and cultures to squeeze the most out of life, Mundo Chat is for you!

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FREE:- Mundo Chat uses your phone's internet connection to let you message friends and family, so you do not have to pay for anything and there are no subscription fees to use Mundo Chat. *

Chat and collaborate with diverse groups across the globe.

Tap received message to see original text from sender to identify potential issues.

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Group Chat:- The best group chat experience on any messaging app. Mundo Chat breaks new barriers by allowing one to group chat with people from any countries and cultures who speak a variety of different languages. And it all just simple works.

Multimedia:- Send and receive messages, photos, videos and voice messages.